Shop from the comfort of your home with a plan and recommendations from your personal interior designer. I will create a floorplan that shows you how to arrange your furniture and then through a co-creative process with you, create a design board that illustrates what your room will look like. It takes all the fear out of making a buying mistake. You can then purchase the items when you are ready. The items will be delivered directly to you.


First, click on the REQUEST A PROJECT button on this page. It will take you to a questionnaire that asks which room (you will complete a questionnaire for each room) you would like to decorate, style questions, where you like to shop, colors you like, who lives with you and so much more. I will need measurements and photos of the room. All of this really helps me get to know you better.


Second, choose which package you would like to purchase. Once purchased, I will call you to discuss your project. This is where I really get to understand you and your lifestyle.

Third, I start sending room layouts for you to select which direction you would like to go in. This may show a view with a sofa, one with a sectional and maybe one with a sofa and chaise.

Once you select the room layout, I will then start sending idea boards with images of the items I am recommending. There will be full descriptions of each piece with sizes, color options and finishes. This is interactive, you can give me feedback on each item instantly. Through this process we will arrive at your finished room. The final design board will have all of the items in your room with purchase instructions.

Select the appropriate E-Design package to purchase.

Design Idea Board

Finished Room

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