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Beth H.

Lydia captured my vision perfectly

I worked with an interior designer only once in Michigan about 3 years ago. She was with a largely well known furniture company. I really liked what she did for me, but when I went to go visit my sister-in-law, who used the same company, I saw that we had the same chairs, same rug and almost the same sofa. I was very disappointed and realized my living room was not created just for me.

I was very apprehensive about working with an interior designer when I was located in Michigan and the property was here in St Petersburg. I did so much over the phone and in just a couple of very quick, short, in person meetings. I figured I didn’t have anything to lose to begin the process because if I didn’t like the design, I would just go out on my own and buy furniture myself. I gave Lydia some basics on what I was looking for and how I wanted my vacation house to feel and look and after a visit to the store, picked out a few furniture pieces based on styles that I liked. Financially I wasn’t too worried. I had set a budget and knew where I wanted to be. If I exceeded the budget, I would just have to wait on a few items and purchase them later.

After the first meeting in the empty house to get pictures and measurements, and a few comments about what the feel of the house that I was going for, Lydia went to work. After just about a week, I received my first couple room designs that were online through the program Lydia uses. I was able to see the whole room laid out with the exact pieces of furniture and lighting that Lydia had selected. I could type in comments or questions and Lydia would get back to me with in a day. Many times there were options of items (lamps for example) and I could select the ones I liked better. It was a very exciting and efficient way to design the rooms. (It was every room in a 4 bedroom 4 bath house)

Everything was very quick. Even shipping. I think I had everything presented, selected and delivered within 3-4 months. On delivery, since I was still in Michigan, Lydia made sure everything was in the correct room and staged perfectly.

The end result is so much greater than I had thought it would be. I love my house; get compliments all the time from the a/c repair man to family and friends. Lydia was so wonderful to work with and made this process so easy. I didn’t know how easy it would be to furnish an entire house from Michigan! Lydia captured my vision perfectly. I really have a hard time selecting my favorite room because I love them all so much.

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